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Services do NOT include

Data analysis.

Possible Output

List or gene expression levels in sample.

Sample Requirements - input of users

In mutual agreement with service provider: either purified RNA, or sample from which RNA still needs to be extracted.

Lead Scientist

Marielle Haks and Tom Ottenhoff

Description of service

Modality of access under this proposal: Users will provide either samples or ready-isolated RNA and will decide how many genes will be profiled. Analysis of gene expression profiles can be carried out by the users, or by the facility. Users can be trained at the facility if needed. A maximum of seven projects can be supported under this service, depending on sample numbers.

Support offered under this proposal: Extended multiplex transcriptome profiling (dcRT-MLPA) of innate, adaptive and inflammatory immune-response signalling gene signatures. In mutual agreement with the facility, users will decide the scope of the service, including the number of genes to be profiled.


6 months, from sample delivery


Marielle Haks,

Tom Ottenhoff


Multiplex transcriptome profiling assay

Currently not available

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