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Adjuvants available in TRANSVAC2

Adjuvants are often used to modify or augment the effects of a vaccine by stimulating the immune system to respond to the vaccine more vigorously, and thus providing increased immunity to a particular disease.


Several TRANSVAC2 partners  develop and test adjuvants not only as part of their research activities but as part of the formulation services and expertise provided within TRANSVAC2, European Vaccine Research and Development Infrastructure to the research community. Below you can find a list of adjuvant made available within TRANSVAC2, and respective services and service providers:

  • SWE, an oil-in-water emulsion manufactured at GMP grade (Sepivac SWE™), combination adjuvants (emulsions and liposomes with/ without QS21 saponin and/or TLR agonists), and other Aluminum salts and dmLT adjuvants - See Service by Vaccine Formulation Institute (VFI), UK



For more information on all available option contact the service provider directly (contact available in service description).

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