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Metabolomics Imaging by Mass Spectrometry, for in situ adjuvant/antigen tracking and inflammation monitoring


Possible Output

The user will receive an image of the metabolite(s)/protein(s) of interest distribution. If needed, histology coloration can also be performed on the same tissue sample. For untargeted approaches, a list of relevant discriminant metabolites will be provided.

Sample Requirements - input of users

Users can provide frozen slices of tissue or entire frozen tissue samples ready to be sliced.

Detailed sample requirements will be discussed with the users before the access.

Lead Scientist

Xavier Meniche

Description of service

Metabolomics Imaging by Mass Spectrometry (MSI). BIOASTER will offer localizomics approaches based on MS Imaging on tissue/organs slices. In the context of vaccine research, the technology allows tracking in situ, at the site of injection, an antigen and/or adjuvant, together with a profiling of the inflammatory response. By itself, the technology can be used either in targeted MS (i.e. drug /metabolites / proteins analyses) or in untargeted high resolution (HR) MS (metabolite/protein profiling).

Applied training in Mass Spectrometry Imaging, based on the DESI technology, is also proposed. The samples will be analyzed on the MS Imaging platform by our qualified personal.


Case-by-case basis, to be discussed with users 


Xavier Meniche

0033 4 81 11 10 05

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