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TRANSVAC2 offers a wide range of free-of-charge services through the ISIDORe network. All TRANSVAC2 services are summarised below and described on the following TNA pages, including their current availability within ISIDORe. At this time, there is a very limited budget available for new projects. Kindly send an email to with subject: 'New application inquiry' to discuss with the TRANSVAC team whether your project is within scope before filling out an application.

Vaccine R&D Pipeline



TRANSVAC’s services are organised in four different platforms: Technology, Immunocorrelates and System Biology, Animal Models and Clinical Trial and Regulatory Support. Applicants are encouraged to follow an integrated approach by applying for complementing services. Suggestions for complementing services are shown in the overview diagram and under the individual services.



Immuno & System Biology

Immunocorrelates & System Biology

Animal Models

Animal Models

Clinical Trial & Regulatory Support

Services at all stages

of the Vaccine R&D Pipeline

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Submit your application for Vaccine Development Services


With the pandemic still ongoing, TRANSVAC2 is renewing its commitment to supporting academic and commercial vaccine developers through a new call for proposals dedicated to SARS-CoV-2 / COVID-19, with a special emphasis on variants of concern. Other project proposals will also be considered.

You may apply for free-of-charge TNA vaccine development services to advance your research in one of the following main areas:



Antigen screening, optimization, expression, and production

Adjuvant formulation and characterization (incl. liposomal, mucosal, and parenteral adjuvants)

Analytical services offer diverse structural and cellular assays (Now including Luminex potency assay!)

GLP/GMP vaccine production using bacterial, yeast, plant, insect, and mammalian platforms


Immunocorrelates/ systems biology

Includes sequencing, cytometry and various -omics services

Statistical analysis and mathematical modelling


Animal models

Services offer a wide range of species and validated disease models, from rodents to NHPs


Clinical trial and regulatory support services

We highly encourage all applicants to request regulatory support alongside scientific technical services, as early assessment of regulatory requirements may prevent unnecessary project delays, reduce costs and ensure adherence to legal requirements.


Service availability is dependent on budgetary, and timeline constrains and thus subject to change at later stages of the application process. Applicants should contact service providers before submission.


This call for proposals will remain open until May 31st, 2022. Your proposal will be evaluated, selected and implemented according to the selection process.



Applicants can be affiliated to an organization (public or private) located in the EU, an associated country or any other country. For more information about TRANSVAC2 TNA Programme, including the conditions for access & eligibility, please refer to Apply now.

To apply, please make sure that you use the latest TNA Application Form linked and carefully read the form and help text.

Please note that an organization can submit several applications led by different Users.

For any further question, please contact TRANSVAC2 Coordinating team (

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