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Description of service

This TNA is for production of GMP compliant starting material (pre-GMP seed stock, i.e. seed stock suitable for large scale GMP production). The VVCF will produce MVA vector(s) expressing antigen(s) of interest to the accessor, with appropriate QC. Vector design, for example insert size, expression of multiple antigens, will be discussed.


1 viral vectored vaccine (GMP compliant), MVA approx. 6 months.


Dr. Claire Powers, VVCF Manager

0044 (0)1865 287761

Services do NOT include

Additional QC e.g.  mycoplasma testing unless requested (all services to be discussed at the start of the project).

Sample Requirements - input of users

DNA encoding the antigen(s), and DNA sequence data. Function of the antigen and potential pathogenicity. Prior experience expressing antigen, e.g. relevant publications. Any other relevant information e.g. expressed as trimer, is secreted/has transmembrane domain, is glycosylated.

Lead Scientist

Professor Adrian Hill

Production of pre-GMP grade MVA vector(s) expressing antigen(s) of interest


Possible Output

To be discussed with user: For MVA, markerless virus potentially suitable for transfer to GMP manufacturing organisation (frozen in aliquots, with QC data: titre in pfu, sterility and identity/purity assessed by PCR and final virus sequencing).

VVCF also produces recombinant viral vectors  for pre-clinical vaccine studies and other purposes for external academic and industrial collaborators. More information on additional services for vector production here

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