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Expression of Vaccine antigens in Adenovirus and MVA vectors

Description of service

Viral vectored vaccines, Adenovirus (human and chimpanzee) and MVA. Jenner Institute's Viral Vector Core Facility (VVCF) will produce Adenovirus and/or MVA vector(s) expressing antigen(s) of interest to the accessor, with appropriate QC. Vector design, for example insert size, expression of multiple antigens, inclusion of a signal sequence and Adenovirus backbone, will be discussed. When required, both Ad and MVA vectors expressing the same antigen(s) can be produced, to enable prime-boost vaccination strategies. Several different Ad backbones are available (human/primate).


6 weeks for Ad vector, 8 weeks for MVA  - Starting date to be discussed with user  (depends on number of users accessing this service simultaneously). 


Dr Claire Powers, VVCF Manager

0044 (0)1865 287761

Services do NOT include

Additional QC e.g. sequencing and mycoplasma testing.

Possible Output

Adenovirus or MVA viral vector vaccines, frozen in aliquots, and QC data: titre (viral particles/infectious units for Ad, pfu for MVA), sterility and identity/purity assessed by PCR).

Sample Requirements - input of users

DNA encoding the antigen(s), and DNA sequence data. Function of the antigen and potential pathogenicity. Prior experience expressing antigen, e.g. relevant publications. Any other relevant information e.g. expressed as trimer, is secreted/has transmembrane domain, is glycosylated.

Lead Scientist

Professor Adrian Hill


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