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Open call: TRANSVAC2 Newsletter is out

Don't miss the latest news on open calls, events and opportunities! Learn how TRANSVAC2 partners are successfully using TRANSVAC2 R&D services and get to know more about what types of services are offered by TRANSVAC2.

👩‍🔬 Are you a researcher? Do you have good preliminary results but you need support to further develop your vaccine candidate? TRANSVAC2 R&D services might be a perfect match for you! There is currently an ongoing Open Call for applications.

👩‍🔬 Are you a researcher, a master or PhD student? Do you need to further your know-how in order to advance your research and career? On this open Call TRANSVAC2 offers two advance courses on GMP requirements (M12) and assay development and validation (M10).

Check the latest calls, service opportunities to boost the development of your vaccine candidates, events and training opportunities . For all clickable links kindly download the attached PDF.

TRANSVAC2 June 2021 Newsletter_Final_210618
Download PDF • 940KB


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