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Please contact the service provider to discuss your study outline.

Possible Output

Summary of results.

Sample Requirements - input of users

Various. To be discussed before starting.

Lead Scientist

Dr. Thomas Courant

Adjuvant and formulation services

Description of service

Users can ship their Sars-Cov2 vaccine antigens to the Vaccine Formulation Institute (VFI) for formulation with VFI adjuvants. Among these adjuvants, a squalene oil-in-water emulsion and a liposome-based formulation containing QS21 are on track to be available at clinical-grade in the context of the development of vaccines against Covid-19. Users can also request a specific adjuvant to be included in the formulation studies.

Once optimal formulations are identified (including physico-chemical characteristics of the adjuvanted vaccine candidate), VFI can perform immunogenicity studies in mice including analyses of B- and T-cell responses. 

A brief report of the study results will be provided to the User.


Project duration approximately 2 months


Dr. Maria Lawrenz 


Cost coverage opportunities

If you are interested in this service please contact the service provider directly 

This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement N° 730964.

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