Description of service

Users can ship their antigens to the Vaccine Formulation Institute (VFI) for formulation with one of a variety of the VFI’s adjuvants (the VFI has a wide range and grade of adjuvants available within its portfolio). Users can request a specific adjuvant or ask the VFI for recommendations or advice. Antigens will be optimally formulated with the selected adjuvant(s) and in vitro characterisation and short-term stability studies performed. If required and feasible, antigen characterisation may also be performed. Training can also be provided in certain circumstances. A summary of the results of the formulation/stability studies obtained with each formulation will be provided to the user.


Project duration approximately 2 months


Dr. Maria Lawrenz 


Adjuvant and formulation services


Services do NOT include

Please contact the service provider to discuss your study outline.

Possible Output

Summary of results.

Sample Requirements - input of users

Various. To be discussed before starting.

Lead Scientist

Dr. Thomas Courant