Description of service

SSI will formulate the candidate antigens with their cationic liposomal adjuvant systems CAF®01 and CAF®09b. Short-term stability testing of the CAF-adjuvanted vaccines and physicochemical characterisation of the vaccines will be carried out.


8-12 weeks per project approx.


Grith Krøyer Wood

0045 32683943

Development and characterisation of vaccine formulations with liposomal adjuvants CAF01 and CAF09b


Services do NOT include

In vivo testing of formulation is NOT included.

Possible Output

Optimised vaccine formulation with T cell inducing adjuvant and vaccine characterisation data.

Sample Requirements - input of users

The user must provide vaccine antigen ready to formulate with adjuvant, either lyophilised or in stable aqueous solution including documentation of physico-chemical properties and analytical methods to detect, quantify and characterise the antigen.

Lead Scientist

Ida Svahn Rasmussen