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How to apply

Services: How to Apply

What types of application is TRANSVAC looking for?

TRANSVAC seeks to support vaccine-related projects currently in the preclinical phase of development. 

TRANSVAC’s goal is to further support and accelerate vaccine-related projects by providing access to the services and expertise contained within the TRANSVAC Infrastructure. Most technologies and experience are thereby free of charge. All Intellectual Property generated by the project will remain the ownership of the User, unless indicated otherwise prior to starting work within TRANSVAC. Under the EC rules, the User must be able to make the work performed within TRANSVAC public.

How to apply for TRANSVAC services?


If you are interested in applying to one of the TRANSVAC Services, simply follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Go to the Service descriptions  for specific information on the Services and other resources available (Sample sharing). Select the Service(s) which is most relevant for your work. 


  • Step 2:Contact the corresponding service provider/lead scientist in order to confirm the feasibility of your study plan (the contact details are listed in the service description).

  • Step 4:  Download and carefully read the Application form and complete it offline. With submission of the Application Form you declare that you have read and understood the Call Procedure and accept its terms. Applications can only be submitted during open calls (see Call Schedule). 





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Call Schedule

Call Schedule

call shedule_220601.png

Support offered

TRANSVAC is offering Users access to several Services. The number of Users that can access the Services is constrained by the length of the project as well as limited resources. The TRANSVAC partners offering these Services (“Access Providers”) are described in detail under Services including the maximum number of projects that TRANSVAC will support along with other relevant information. 

What this Call will NOT Support

This call will not provide any form of cash funding. No funds will be transferred to any User unless pertaining to the refund of pre-approved expenses associated with using TRANSVAC’s Services.


Mechanism of Support

Support is granted to Users in the form of access to a specific Service within the institution of a TRANSVAC partner. This support includes logistical, technological and scientific support as well as any necessary specific training needed in order to be able to benefit from the Services on-site. The Service Providers will also provide the required legal approvals and ethical approval. The support further includes the provision of basic consumables as required to complete use of the Service. Special consumables may need to be provided by the User. Once selected, the User can benefit from the Service which they applied for. Note that a User can benefit only from the Service they applied to use i.e. Users are not granted access to all of TRANSVAC’s Services, only the one for which the User applied. This may entail sending samples/antigens/vaccines to the TRANSVAC partner for analysis or, if necessary, actually visiting the TRANSVAC partner to complete the work.


Travel and accommodation costs

Travel and accommodation costs for the Users to/from/at the installation may be covered (if a physical visit is strictly necessary) if the Users are not in a position to do so themselves. In these cases, TRANSVAC will cover the costs of travelling and accommodation according to the rules of the corresponding installation (Service Provider). Costs are only reimbursed after the visit and upon submission of the requested reports. Any travel and accommodation costs must be pre-approved by the TRANSVAC partner in question. Any deviation from the budget is the responsibility of the User.


Access Period / Duration of Projects

In line with the EC’s Guidelines, each User has a maximum of up to three months to complete the work supported by TRANSVAC. In special cases the period of access may exceed this time frame.

Number of Lead Researchers (LRs)

More than one LR may be designated on the application i.e. we can support collaborative / multi-LR applications as long as the majority of the Users work in a country other than the country where the TRANSVAC partner whose Service they wish to access is located. One LR should be identified as the main point of contact for TRANSVAC.

Follow up

Follow up

When applying to the TRANSVAC Services, the Users accept to enter into a commitment with TRANSVAC. They have understood the conditions and are prepared to comply with the following requirements: User Reports The Users selected commit to providing basic administrative information on their project and their institution to the TRANSVAC installation and the TRANSVAC Management Team, no later than 45 days after leaving the site or receiving the samples. Repayment of the travel expenses will then follow if relevant. Failure to provide a report will result in the User being billed for the entire cost of providing the Services to the User. The purpose of the report is to highlight the scientific output of the Services received and shall be included in the TRANSVAC project’s periodic reports to the EC. The reports will be published on the TRANSVAC web site and will be made available to the EC. Details about the report format will be provided to the Users at a later stage. All Applicants will furthermore inform the TRANSVAC Management Team and provide copies of all publications resulting from, or involving, the work carried out under TRANSVAC.


User Questionnaires

The Users commit to completing the EC User Questionnaire no later than 45 days after completing work at the TRANSVAC host installation or from the date of receiving samples.



Any subsequent publications or patents created through the support of TRANSVAC and the EC must be communicated to both the TRANSVAC installation and to the TRANSVAC Management Team.


Acknowledgement of EC Support

The support of the TRANSVAC project and the funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement Nº 730964 must be indicated in all publications resulting from the work carried out in the frame of the TRANSVAC Support activity.

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