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Services do NOT include

Sample shipment.

Possible Output

Users will receive all raw data as well as a report (pdf) containing a detailed analysis of the data.

Sample Requirements - input of users

Samples should be provided for in sufficiently concentrated stock and be compatible with cell culture (i.e. in vitro analysis).

Lead Scientist

Jeffrey Bajramovic

Cell-based reporter assays for characterisation of innate immune receptor induced signalling cascades


Related services

TNA1 provides protein expression systems.

Description of service

BPRC will offer access to its library of human cell reporter assays for the identification of innate immune receptor- induced signalling cascades, including human cell lines transfected with PAMPs such as TLR and/or engineered to express luciferase in response to NF-kB or IFRE-mediated signal transduction, and cell lines that provide insight into the intracellular signalling cascades of innate immune receptors. These lines allow for qualitative and quantitative assessment of innate immune responses provoked by different stimuli. The combined use of the aforementioned cell-line based assays in a tiered testing strategy provides rapid, detailed, robust and quantitative information about the innate immune responses that are induced by vaccines, adjuvants or components thereof, resulting in innate immune response fingerprints


1 year,  from start to finish


Jeffrey Bajramovic

0031 284 2722

Sample Sharing 

Foundation Biomedical Primate Research Centre (BPRC) can also  provide samples upon user's request. For more information check TRANSVAC's Biosample database. Interested applicants are encouraged to contact directly BPRC or

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