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Services do NOT include

Access does not include shipping of biological (inocula, samples at the end etc.) or technical material. Haematological and biochemical analyses are not included as well.

Possible Output

  1. All data recorded during animal experiment will be supplied in a final report, i.e. clinical observations and monitored parameters like body temperature, weight, haematology or biochemistry analysis, animals' behaviour or any other information required by users.

  2. Raw or partly analysed ELISA, Elispot, Facs , qRTPCR, Microscopy data.

Sample Requirements - input of users

  1. Users should provide inocula and/or vaccines they want to test during animal experiments. Final steps of their preparation can be performed in the facility's lab if necessary (extemporaneous dilution for example).

  2. Serum, frozen PBMC or solenocytes, dissociated frozen tissue cells.

Lead Scientist

  1. Pierre Sarradin 

  2. Nicolas Bertho

Antigen tracking, immunogenicity, challenge and efficacy studies in pigs, ruminants and other farm animals - INRA

Description of service

  1. PFIE will provide access to its facilities for immunogenicity and efficacy studies in pigs or sheep (as well as other species if needed), according to users’ requirements. Experiments can be carried out in open barns or in BSL2 or BSL3 suites for laboratory and large animals as well as in isolators, for small species.

  2. VIM offers the following services for pig/ruminant samples: ELISA, FACS, in vitro restimulation cultures, qRT-PCR analysis, fluorescence laser microscopy, 3-4 laser cytometry (405, 488, 560 and 640 nm) allowing the simultaneous monitoring of up to 20 parameters. We produce and analyse live and inactivated viruses in our BSL2 and BSL3 facilities. Immunogenicity and efficacy studies in pig (influenza) and sheep (RSV) with a focus on skin vaccination and extended monitoring of humoral and cellular immune responses in the blood and lung.


 2 weeks to 3 months, according to the user's needs. Ideally, experiments should end ~ 3 months before the end of the TRANSVAC2 project.


1. Pierre Sarradin

0033 674 654 234

2. Nicolas Bertho

0033 134 652 611



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Cost coverage opportunities

 If you are interested in this service please contact the service provider directly


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