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Services do NOT include

Extra-studies not included in the general framework of the access units. If needed to be performed in situ, a particular quotation will be prepared by IRTA and they will be executed if previously accepted by the user. Shipment of samples are not included.

Possible Output

The deliverable for these studies will be raw research data. In case the user may have contact with or own BSL3 laboratories, samples can be sent to them in the conditions fitting international requirements.

Sample Requirements - input of users

The user will be responsible for the timely delivery of test substances, as well as for the reagents to perform the immune monitoring (e.g. antigens, peptides). Depending on the immunization route and animal species used, different volume restrictions might apply.

Lead Scientist

Joaquim Segalés

Description of service

As partner of TRANSVAC, IRTA will provide access to their animal facilities (CReSA) to carry out safety and immunogenicity studies of new candidate vaccines and/or of novel vaccination (administration) strategies in mice, chickens, pigs, ferrets and other large animal species. The access will comprise purchase of animals, the housing and animal care and biotechnical expertise for administration and sampling. Scientific support will include advice on experimental design and methodology, documentation of results for all experiments conducted during the project, and appropriate sampling and conservation of samples. In depth laboratory analyses can be included or not, offering at this way three types of access: only animal facilities, only laboratory facilities, and both. IRTA will also provide the required legal approvals and ethical approval.


12 weeks; the planning of the study, in touch with the provider

12 weeks before start as well.


Xavier Abad

0034934674040 Ext. 1764


List of publications at IRTA (CReSA):

Immunogenicity  and efficacy studies in mice, chickens, pigs, ruminants and ferrets - IRTA

Cost coverage opportunities

 If you are interested in this service please contact the service provider directly


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