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Description of service

Protein Production: Pichia expression experiment (Small expression screen; scale up and purification of promising constructs)


14 weeks for a typical turnaround for the (successful) expression of proteins in Pichia, from (digital) sequence to pure protein (1-2 mg) 


Bart Faber,

0031 15 284 2516

Services do NOT include

Optimisation producers are not included.

Possible Output

Protein producing Pichia strain; Record of the full investigational process; data stored in electronic format; Product sheet with all relevant data (yield, purity etc.)

Sample Requirements - input of users

Protein sequence to be produced.

Lead Scientist

Bart Faber

Protein expression in Pichia Pastoris

Currently not available

Sample Sharing 

Foundation Biomedical Primate Research Centre (BPRC) can also  provide samples upon user's request. For more information check TRANSVAC's Biosample database. Interested applicants are encouraged to contact directly BPRC or

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