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Mammalian and insect cells (transient and constitutive) expression platforms


Description of service

Small-scale mammalian and insect cells expression platforms. iBET will provide services related to mammalian and insect cell expression platform screening, and small-scale production and purification of candidate vaccines.


2-16 weeks depending on the expression system (insect/mammalian cells) and method (transient/stable), with 3 months lead time.


Paula Alves

00351 21 446 94 21

Services do NOT include

Costs for shipment of samples will be the responsibility of the User. Costs for synthetic genes will be covered only for one gene (Scenario C) for each user. In case several constructs or construct variants (Scenario A or B) need to be tested, the additional genes have to be supplied by the user.

Possible Output

Purified protein from small-scale mammalian and/or insect expression system.

Sample Requirements - input of users

The user(s) shall contact iBET with at least 3 months lead time to define (1) service(s) to be provided by iBET, (2) expression system and process conditions to be used, (3) analytics to be performed, (4) (cost, in case of paid services) and timelines, and provide all other relevant information. Regular contacts per email and/or TCs shall be kept with the user(s) to inform about project progression.

Lead Scientist

Paula Alves

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