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Instruct Academic Services Limited

Instruct-ERIC is a distributed European research infrastructure in structural biology, making high-end technologies and methods available to researchers. Instruct infrastructure provides the technical frameworks with which we can interpret molecular and cellular functions. The main experimental technologies that Instruct offers are complementary, and increasingly link detailed atomic structure of single molecules or macromolecular complexes with their cellular context. Instruct offers access to the full catalogue of services in the infrastructure, through a single entry point. It supports proposals that use different technologies to build up knowledge of functional mechanisms and intracellular dynamics with atomic structure information and integrate these into an understanding of cellular processes in the native environment and in real time.

Role in the TRANSVAC project

Through its centres Instruct-IT and Instruct-UK, Instruct-ERIC provides the expertise and the technology for performing specific structural biology studies that have a key role in vaccinology: Structural analysis of vaccine antigens. Engineering vaccines for improved physio-chemical properties. Engineering vaccines for improved antigenic properties. The users interested in structure characterisation and who wish to benefit from the Instruct-ERIC services will be guided so as to optimise their experimental planning and their application for Instruct-ERIC services. All of the technology areas covered by Instruct have been used in vaccine research1. A summary of structural vaccinology approach is available on your website .

Main staff involved in TRANSVAC

Prof. Lucia Banci (Instruct-IT) – NMR methods; Prof. David Stuart (Instruct-UK) – X-ray methods; Prof. Peijun Zhang (Instruct-UK) – cryo-EM methods;

The Facility

TNA or Training provided

The service provision model of Instruct-ERIC includes the close support, at all stages of the work, of expert scientists to ensure the best outcome for the researcher. If the user of access provision is onsite in an Instruct Centre, the supervision provides practical and theoretical training at source. In addition, Instruct hosts tailored practical training courses and workshops in advanced techniques and methods in structural determination which can be accessed by interested parties on a competitive basis. These courses and the upcoming programme of training events will be communicated to TRANSVAC participants.






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