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Mathematical modelling - ETHZ


Services do NOT include

De novo development of dynamic models beyond provided prototypes. 

Possible Output

Software tools for mathematical modeling along with sample models. Consultancy in software use and model creation.

Sample Requirements - input of users

Prospective users should have means to compile C++ code and should have the ‘Boost' library installed (see

Lead Scientist

Mustafa Khammash

Description of service

ETHZ will provide access to advanced software tools for mathematical modeling and analysis and will assist users in their use. The tools can be utilized for the construction and simulation of ordinary differential equation (ODE) models of immune response.  Users will have also have access to example ODE models of immune response. These models will be provided directly as ODEs or in the form of reactions. Modality of access: Users will download the software platform and perform modeling and analysis using their own data.


4-6 weeks, depending on user needs and prior knowledge


Mustafa Khammash

0041 61 387 33 56

Jan Mikelson

Not available in the current call

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