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Process development and scale-up of recombinant protein vaccines


Course Goals 

Process development and scale-up of recombinant protein vaccines.


Application Deadline:
1 June 2021

Course Dates:
11-12 October 2021 (2 days)


Fraunhofer IME,
Aachen Germany

Participant Nr.: max. 15


Johannes Buyel

For questions on the application process:

Course content

A list of the course contents is given on the General strategies in process development for recombinant protein production and purification in different host systems with a special focus on state of the art methods to improve down-stream process development by implementing design of experiments and quality by design aspects, e.g. in clarification and chromatographic purification. Typical processes will be discussed using real-life equipment and examples.

Learning Outcomes

Comprehensive insight into the possibilities to conduct and improve process development and scale-up of biomanufacturing processes.

Who should apply

Scientists involved or interested in vaccine R&D and manufacturing projects.

Minimal requirements

Basic understanding of recombinant DNA technology, protein chemistry and typical process unit operations.


Accommodation will be provided. Travel Costs are not included.


* Due to COVID19 related delays call and training modules' schedule may be subject to change.



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