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Services do NOT include

Post collection structure refinement.

Possible Output

Experimental data collected at the beamline is stored locally and made available to access for 40days. Data analysis can be done onsite while at the beamline. Further refinement tools are available for structure analysis.

Sample Requirements - input of users

Information to follow shortly.

Lead Scientist

David Stuart

Cost coverage opportunities

There are cost coverage opportunities available: contact the service provider for further info.

Description of service

Beamline IO3. The diamond synchrotron facility offers, through Instruct, the IO3 tuneable X-ray beamline for macromolecular crystallography which uses automated sample changing and plate technology. Capabilities include handling samples in Hazard Groups 2 and 3. In situ data collection and automated data analysis is available and data can be retrieved at the synchrotron or remotely after a visit. Guidance is available at the beamline.


For more details contact service provider


Martin Walsh

0044 1235778518

X-Ray methods


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