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Services do NOT include

Further image analysis.

Possible Output

A number of imaging detectors are available and their use dependent on the sample - advice is available. Acquisition software is instrument dependent: Krios EPU 1.4.4, Tomo 4.2.1, GMS 2.33; Talos EPU, TOMO; Polara Digital Micrograph 1.85, GMS 2.3, SerialEM 3.4. Automated data processing is available onsite and further analytic advice is available via CCP-EM located in an adjacent building.

Sample Requirements - input of users

For further information contact the service provider,

Lead Scientist

Peijun Zhang

Description of service

Access to eBIC and OPIC electron microscopy facilities. Capabilities in the cryo-EM Centre eBIC span single particle analysis and molecular and cellular tomography using FEI technology and direct electron detectors. Automation is available for handling multiple samples. In addition, preliminary screening can be done on the Polara instrument, available at the sister OPIC facility. Guidance is available on sample preparation ahead of the use of high-end microscopes and preliminary image collection.


On demand


Dan Clare

0044 1235777501

Cryo-Electron microscopy

Cost coverage opportunities

There are cost coverage opportunities available: contact the service provider for further info.


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