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Mutli-omics analysis


Services do NOT include

Bioinformatics pre-processing

Possible Output

Depending on the pre-defined biological questions: clusters of genes, score of prediction, list of candidate biomarkers, etc. Results can be provided as flat files and/or user-friendly interfaces.

Sample Requirements - input of users

Data files

Lead Scientist

Cécile Chauvel, Researcher in Biostatistics

Description of service

BIOASTER can provide statistical analysis of several types of data that are collected over time: omics data (transcriptomics, genomics, proteomics, metabolomics), clinical or pre-clinical data (serology titers, temperature, Draize score, etc.), features extracted from images (also called radiomics), microfluidics, amongst others. Our team has some expertise in integrating these data together to increase information that can be extracted from the biological experiments. Data from literature can also be incorporated in the analysis. In addition, we can provide user-friendly interfaces which helps biologists for interpretation.


Examples of analysis (non-exhaustive list):

- Clustering of genes that are co-expressed over time, helping the study of induction or resolution of inflammation for a specific vaccine.

- Integration and automatic comparison of the previous clusters for several vaccines, putting light on similarities and differences between vaccines.

- Deciphering candidate biomarkers of vaccine efficacy and their characterization.

- Longitudinal analysis of cell counts obtained from microfluidics data



Depending of the nature of the analysis to perform.


Cécile Chauvel

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