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Possible Output

  • In vivo characterization of vaccine biodistribution :

  • In vivo characterization of inflammatory response

  • In vivo simultaneous detection of vaccine and inflammatory response 

  • In vitro characterization of induced host immune response

  • Comparative study of several vaccine candidates

Description of service

In vivo longitudinal assessment of kinetics & biodistribution profile of vaccine antigens by pre-clinical in vivo imaging system (IVIS® SpectrumCT) in rodents:

Antigen candidate(s) will be previously labeled using near-infra red fluorophore (Alexa, vivo Tag…). This study will establish:

(1) the biodistribution profile using Dynamic Contrast Enhancement that will allow us to establish the antigen biodistribution pattern in regards of the main tissues/organs in which a fluorescent signal will be detected. For this purpose, images will acquired immediately and at short intervals until 30min after first injection and/or boost.

(2) Longitudinal monitoring of “labeled” antigen candidate(s) biodistribution 3 times/week until XX days post vaccination [to be defined with applicant].


In vivo evaluation (using specific probes) of induced host immune response (inflammatory response):

The immune cells recruitment and inflammatory reaction induced by the vaccination will be monitored after injection of a fluorescent probe. Multispectral imaging software will be used to analyze simultaneous detection of labelled vaccine antigen and fluorescent probe (induced immune cells recruitment).


In vitro (cytometry analysis) of induced host immune response:

8-colors cytometry panel will be designed to enable detection and characterization of host immune response induced at local injection site and also in peripheral blood. Eight time points will be selected


2-3 months


Abdessalem Rekiki

In vivo assessment of kinetics & biodistribution profile of vaccine(s) by optical imaging and/or simultaneous evaluation of induced host immune response in vivo (using specific probes) and in vitro (cytometry analysis)

Sample Requirements - input of users

Labelled antigen or adjuvant and Vaccine formulation

Lead Scientist

Abdessalem Rekiki, PhD


Hillman EM, Moore A. All-optical anatomical co-registration for molecular imaging of small animals using dynamic contrast. Nat Photonics. 2007;1(9):526-530.


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