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Services do NOT include

Costs for shipment of samples will be the responsibility of the User.

Possible Output

Study Report and relevant raw Data. Biological samples can be made available for further analyses outside the infrastructure and/or in TNA3 and/or by user.

Sample Requirements - input of users

The user will be responsible for the timely delivery of GMP grade test substances (and reagents (e.g. specific antigens) when it applies).

Lead Scientist

Frank Verreck

Description of service

BPRC will provide access to adult, MHC-typed macaques for immunogenicity/adjuvanticity evaluation for typical immunogenicity studies of up to 26 weeks and up to containment level BSL3. The service includes baseline assessments and post-vaccination follow-up by biosample collection (up to 12 time points in total) and banking for at least up to 2 years after the study, as well as standard humoral and/or cellular immunology tests. Users may suggest specific assays for selected time points. These may include but are not limited to vaccine specific and advanced multi-label flow cytometric analyses. A typical immunisation protocol might contain up to three (prime-boost) immunisation events. The access and services include applications for regulatory and/or ethical approval (by European and Dutch law), optimisation of study design and the summary of results in a study report. Additional study objectives, such as challenge or advanced immunological assessments (imaging, flow cytometry, etc.) and the addition of more animal units, may be negotiated and offered under institutional access rules.

Applicants are encouraged to contact the Lead Scientist before submitting the request for access to this service.

BPRC also provides access to rhesus and cynomolgus macaque models of COVID-19 to test both therapeutic and prophylactic vaccines.


26 weeks (max), for one vaccine safety and immunogenicity profiling experiment*


Frank Verreck

0031 15 284 2657

*Including preparatory work, reporting and possible challenge, one study may take up to one year to be completed.

Related services

Protein and adjuvant analysis and production services offered under TNA 1, 2, 3 and 6 may be explored. TNA7 provides analytics services that may be suitable analysis of biosamples obtained from the study.

Sample Sharing 

Foundation Biomedical Primate Research Centre (BPRC) can also  provide samples upon user's request. For more information check TRANSVAC's Biosample database. Interested applicants are encouraged to contact directly BPRC or


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