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How to Submit?

Training: How to submit your application?

Format of the Application

Applicants must use the application form available at the TRANSVAC2 website and submit it electronically in PDF format by e-mail to

Any paper versions of applications will be rejected. The responses submitted to this call for applications may not exceed the maximum number of pages indicated in the application form. Any sections of the application exceeding the maximum number of pages will be disregarded.


Confirmation of Receipt

Receipt of your application will be acknowledged within two working days. Applications not acknowledged as received may have not been successfully transmitted and should be resubmitted via e-mail. Under no circumstances will TRANSVAC2 accept responsibility for lost e-mails or consider applications received after the deadline. Applicants are solely responsible for ensuring that their applications are received and acknowledged before the deadline.

Submitting on Time

Applications may be submitted on or after the opening date, and must be successfully received by the TRANSVAC2 management team no later than the submission deadline (5:00 p.m. CET/CEST on the application cut-off date). If an application is not received by the deadline, it will not be acknowledged and therefore not reviewed. See also: Confirmation of receipt (above).


All applications must be written in English.

Download application form

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Call Schedule

Call Schedule

TR Calling Schedule TR2010 - TR2202.png

Due to COVID19 related delays call and training modules' schedule may be subject to change.

Please always refer to the latest information under each training description page or contact training provider.

Be the first to know about the upcoming application calls, follow European Vaccine Initiative on Twitter and LinkedIn or subscribe to TRANSVAC Newsletter.

20 Aug 2022

15 Jul 2022



15 Sept 2022

25 Aug 2022



31 Dec 2022

15 Nov 2022

M3, M13 & M14


10 Feb 2023

25 Jan 2023

M6 & M8


Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility Criteria

Who should apply?

Candidates working in a European Union Member State or Associated Member State are eligible to apply. Candidates from another country who are working in vaccine development projects funded by the European Commission (EC) or EDCTP will also be eligible to apply. Other candidates can also apply, but preference will be given to the groups mentioned above. Candidates must preferably already possess training in the area of vaccine research and development from an internationally recognized university or institution. Graduates with a Bachelor degree, a Master’s degree or comparable research experience will be strongly preferred.

Financial Assistance

Financial Assistance

There is no admission fee for any of the training courses. However, short-listed candidates will have to cover their own travel and visa expenses, and for some courses they have to cover also accommodation costs. For more details please see the relevant training description. Each organizing institution will administer and oversee the operation of its training module according to the agreed standards and procedures. For some courses, full-board accommodation will be provided free of charge.

Selection Process

Selection Process

Evaluation and Selection of Candidates

Each training module will have one Course Selection Panel (CSP) composed of three TRANSVAC WP18 members, (rolling membership), including one representative of the organizing institution. Participants will be selected by the Course Selection Panel (CSP), according to their educational background, involvement in vaccine research and development as well as the expected impact of the course at personal and institutional level in the context of vaccine development i.e. how the training can be used in their daily work. Individual criteria for training modules are outlined in the description of the respective course. The nominated candidates and outcomes of the training modules will be published on the TRANSVAC2 website.

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