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Board of Stakeholders

Non-executive advisory body to the infrastructure. Its role is to maximise on the European and international stages the integration, coordination and alignment of TRANSVAC2 with other related initiatives and with activities conducted by the vaccine R&D industry, to leverage the investments in TRANSVAC with other support mechanisms managed by other policy and decision makers, and to support the promotion of the long-term stability of a European vaccine R&D infrastructure.


Scientific and Ethics Advisory Committee (SEAC)

Non-executive body that provides expert scientific and technical advice and recommendations to the consortium. They undertake the continuous evaluation, revision and definition of the services offered by TRANSVAC2 to adjust services based on the evolution of technologies and methods, and according to the needs and demands of different target user groups. Also, SEAC members will review the scientific and experimental quality of all applications for TNA services received by the TRANSVAC2 infrastructure.

User Selection Panel

User Selection Panel 

The USP is composed of reviewers with relevant expertise and experience in fields related to the TNA services offered. The USP assess the feasibility of submitted applications and recommends a short-list of the user applicants to access TNA services.

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