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Leiden University (LU)

The Leiden Academic Centre for Drug Research (LACDR) is a centre of excellence for multidisciplinary research on drug discovery and development. Despite major advances in medicine, many common diseases such as cancers, neurological or cardiovascular diseases, or auto-immune diseases, still lack effective treatments, or are still incurable. That is why our work to develop new and more effective drugs is essential. At the LACDR we work at the leading edge of drug-design and fundamental research of new drugs, optimisation of existing drugs, and personalised medicine. See also:

Role in the TRANSVAC project

The BioMedical Metabolomics Facility Leiden (BMFL) offers a highly structured environment for advanced metabolomics studies. BMFL builds on fully validated, state-of-the-art platforms that each cover a part of the human metabolism and together span the complete human metabolome. In vitro and in vivo metabolomics is a powerful approach to characterise/evaluate the metabolic responses and changes occurring during immunisation and challenge studies.

Main staff involved in TRANSVAC

Nelus Schoeman; Thomas Hankemeier;

The Facility

BMFL is the core facility of Leiden University and the Netherlands Metabolomics Centre (NMC) and its users include internal as well as external academic collaborators and pharmaceutical and industrial clients from all over the world, measuring over 15,000 profiles annually. BMFL does not only perform routine measurements, but operates at the frontier of metabolomics developments and opportunities. The BMFL team covers the complete track from involvement in experimental design, study set-up and sample collection to the actual measurements, data analysis, identification of unknown compounds and comprehensive feedback on the results. In close collaboration with partners, BMFL defines a tailor-made approach that offers the best fit between your biological question and optimal use of the potential of our highly advanced facilities.

TNA or Training provided

Modality of access under this proposal: Users will provide samples and together we will decide the relevant metabolic pathways to target and profile, based on the applicant’s biological question(s). Data analysis of metabolic profiles can be carried out by the users, or supported by the facility. Users can be trained at the facility if needed. Support offered under this TNA: Comprehensive targeted metabolomics profiling based on liquid chromatography – mass spectrometry. Platforms included: Lipid metabolism, Bile acids, Organic acids Central Carbon metabolism, Biogenic amines and amino acids, Acyl-carnitines, Eicosanoids, Endocannabinoids and oxidative stress markers. In agreement with the facility, users will decide the scope of the service, including which platforms are to be used. Samples matrixes suitable for metabolomics analyses include in vitro: cell lysate and medium, and in vivo: Plasma, serum, urine, CSF, micro-dialysate and tissues.






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