Sample Sharing

As part of the Networking Activities of the TRANSVAC2 project, a database of the types of sample collections available at partner institutes has been established. These collections include different animal study derived products (sera, tissues etc.), mainly involving a biohazard level 3 or 4 for mice, NHP and non-rodent animals. These collections will continue to be developed during the project lifetime. Interested applicants are encouraged to contact directly TRANSVAC partner or

Overview of materials available through TRANSVAC2 The list is not exhaustive and its purpose is to initiate an individual discussion between a potential user and TRANSVAC partner (sample type, IP issues should be arranged case by case basis).

Sample Sharing - Overview.png

TRANSVAC2 and other biobank projects

There are several other biobank networks/projects – funded by the EU or other bodies – which TRANSVAC2 is aware of and will be listed in this section. TRANSVAC2 and its partners support these networks/projects, encourage researchers to use them and do not intend to offer materials which are already available through existing biobanks:


This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement N° 730964.

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