IBET Vaccine development and production

Animal Cell Technology Unit - Instituto de Biologia Experimental e Tecnológica, Oeiras, Portugal

The Animal Cell Technology Unit (ACTU) is a top research group combining knowledge and competences of scientists from a wide range of disciplines (Biochemistry, Biology and Engineering). Our know-how in terms of biopharmaceuticals spans from the initial expression vector design and cell line establishment through all stages of process development and scale-up (production, purification, stability and storage). ACTU has a long established competence in the development of human and veterinary, viral and viral like particle vaccines and vaccine candidates. The ACTU participates in several national and international projects under the 7th Framework European Commission Programs. The ACTU collaborates with several pharmaceutical companies, biotech SMEs, and academic institutions.

Users can be integrated to work in the infrastructure, carrying out process development at ACTU (with small amounts of vaccine candidates being produced, up to 5l bioreactors), or at larger scale at the Pilot Plant.
The extension of autonomy depends on the experience and track record of the user, for either upstream or downstream extraction and purification.

On-site access

Access and training in ongoing process development or production runs.
Minimum qualifications: Bachelor of Science plus two years experience. 

Modalities of access

Organisation short name: IBET

Unit of access: The unit of access is one month on the job training period. Given the breadth of competences offered at IBET, the unit of access is hereby defined as just “one month on the job training period” for one user at the infrastructure. This will cover access and training in ongoing process development or production runs or analyticals not done under confidentiality at IBET. If running a specific unit operation or overall process development is required by users, extra costs for consumables and use of equipment will have to be negotiated and added.

Quantity of access available: A maximum of six studies are offered.

Timelines: 1 - 3 months.

Overview of access provided between January 2011 (1st call) and January 2013 (9th call):
Estimated number of users/User groups: -
Estimated number of projects: -
Access already provided: 0 (This service has been included to the TRANSVAC network in July 2012)                   
Access still available: 6

Last call submission date scheduled for: April 2013 (Call number: 10)

Input – sample requirements

Upstream, downstream or integrated process development preliminary description from User required for each candidate vaccine.

Output – deliverables to User

Outline of process description and performance.


Prof Manuel Carrondo

mjtc [at] ibet [dot] pt

+ 351 21 446 93 62