First calls for training courses will be launched in Q2 2018

In order to accelerate vaccine development and to maintain and grow the economic assets and leadership of the European vaccine industry, it is essential to properly train scientists and vaccine developers. The TRANSVAC training activities provide fundamental and advanced knowledge on a wide-range of vaccine development-related topics. TRANSVAC offers training in the form of modules at leading European centres, creating customised international courses in vaccine R&D topics. In those modular vaccinology training courses theoretical and practical training will go hand-in-hand. The modules are harmonised with existing European vaccinology courses, aiming to complement other existing infrastructures and activities. As most courses existing outside of TRANSVAC are designed to provide a broad overview of vaccinology, TRANSVAC offers numerous short modules that can be combined in a customised way to provide in-depth knowledge on different aspects of vaccine development. Thus participants will be able to “design” their own course in vaccine development according to their background, professional needs, and availability.

In addition to fostering cross-disciplinary and cross-sectorial research, as well as stimulating information flow and communication between the different stakeholders, TRANSVAC aims to enhance the personal networks of the new generation of vaccine scientists through the project’s training courses. All training courses will have a strong theme of networking and will include specific activities to allow the trainees to form a wide network, and to remain in contact with each other through a training platform alumni scheme.

The ultimate objective of the TRANSVAC2 consortium is to establish a sustainable pan-European training platform for vaccine development, aiming to increase the expertise of European vaccine developers and comprehensively train a new cadre of world-class vaccinologists.

Training modules

Details about the training modules and the training module schedule will be published here soon.


Details about the training modules and the training module schedule will be published here soon.

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