In collaboration with European vaccine stakeholders, TRANSVAC consortium prepared a roadmap aimed at securing sustainable vaccine development infrastructures in Europe.  Using a bottom-up approach, the needs and priorities regarding European vaccine R&D were identified through a series of stakeholder consultations and workshops, and translated into a proposal of establishment of a European Vaccine Research & Development Infrastructure (EVRI).

The advanced draft of a roadmap was presented and discussed at TRANSVAC annual meeting in March 2013, and then circulated for comments and validation amongst European stakeholders.  Overall, the feedback received from the consultation process was very positive.  In addition, a detailed questionnaire comprised in this first round of consultation process confirmed high priority level, as perceived by European vaccine stakeholders, for activities and services proposed.

Finally the proposal for a European Infrastructure for vaccine R&D has been discussed and validated during a workshop held in June 2013, by 70 representatives of vaccine developers and manufacturers (academic researchers, biotech companies, large vaccine development companies, PDPs and other European vaccine-related projects), regulatory authorities, international and national policy makers, and funding agencies.

European vaccine stakeholders present at the workshop were very supportive to the project of the establishment of EVRI as presented in the roadmap, and many of them expressed interest to join the initiative.  It has been acknowledged that EVRI replies on numerous needs of European vaccine developers and has a potential to accelerate the development of new or improved vaccines, and shares the vision of the European research agenda Horizon 2020.

The roadmap is now finalised and will be available very soon on the TRANSVAC website.  Paper versions of the roadmap will be sent to relevant governmental bodies and on a personal basis (please send your request to transvacinfo(at)

Read the TRANSVAC Roadmap

Publication: Roadmap for the establishment of a European vaccine R&D infrastructure, O. Leroy, M. Geels, J. Korejwo, B. Dodet, N. Imbault, S. Jungbluth, Vaccine, 2014