Partner institutions and organisations

European Vaccine Initiative (EVI), Germany

Biomedical Primate Research Centre (BPRC), The Netherlands

Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research (HZI), Germany

Vakzine Projekt Management GmbH (VPM), Germany

LIONEX GmbH, Germany

Central Veterinary Institute (CVI, formerly ID-Lelystad), The Netherlands

UK Department of Health, Public Health England, Centre for Emergency Preparedness and Response (CEPR, formerly under Health Protection Agency ), UK

UK Department of Health, Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency, National Institute for Biological Standards and Control (NIBSC, formerly under Health Protection Agency), UK

Max Planck Institute for Infection Biology (MPIIB), Germany

University of Regensburg (UREG), Germany

London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (LSHTM), UK

University of Oxford, The Jenner Institute  (UOXF), UK

University of Lausanne (UNIL), Switzerland

TuBerculosis Vaccine Initiative (TBVI), The Netherlands

The TRANSVAC Consortium at the Kickoff Meeting in Brussels, January 2010.

New interested parties

European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL Grenoble), France

Instituto de Biologia Experimental e Tecnológica (IBET), Portugal

Institute for Translational Vaccinology (Intravacc), The Netherlands

Leids Universitair Medisch Centrum (LUMC), The Netherlands

University of Lausanne (UNIL), Switzerland