In order to support and accelerate vaccine development in Europe, the TRANSVAC project is also providing infrastructures that may be accessed on a paid basis by innovative European groups.

The Services are not restricted to any disease in particular.
The applicants to the TRANSVAC Paid Services can request a facultative “advisory scientific review process”.

TRANSVAC’s Paid Services include:

GMP pilot production and vaccine development - product characterisation, process development and vaccine production facilities: External groups can have access to laboratories and know-how for vaccine development. This includes upstream and downstream processing technology from laboratory scale to intermediate scale, vaccine delivery and formulation technology, assay development and vaccine characterisation, bacterial and viral platform technologies and pilot scale GMP production in the pilot plant.

IBET Vaccine development and production: External groups can be integrated to work in the infrastructure, carrying out vaccine candidate process development at the Animal Cell Technology Unit (ACTU), or at larger scale at the Pilot Plant.

Protein and Peptide Chemistry Facility: External groups can send the sequence to be synthesized together with the quantity and purity needed.

Reverse Transcription Multiplex Ligation-dependent Probe Amplification (RT-MLPA) assay: Users can submit isolated RNA samples for bioprofiling. Gene expression data sets will be sent to the users.

Important Notice

TRANSVAC will not provide the Users with cash funding or any kind of financial support in the context of these Paid Services.