Open call services

The application period is now closed.

TRANSVAC would like to thank all applicants and users who applied to the

TRANSVAC free services.

The TRANSVAC TNA calls were very successful and almost all access units were provided.

In order to support and accelerate vaccine development in Europe, the TRANSVAC project is providing a vaccine development platform that may be accessed for free by innovative European groups.

Through a peer-reviewed competitive process, European groups may apply to benefit from the expertise, reagents, and facilities of the TRANSVAC project. The Services are not restricted to any disease in particular. Only European user groups (from EU Member States or Associated States) can apply for the free Services, and only to TRANSVAC Service infrastructures outside their own country. For scientists based in countries outside the EU Member States or its Associated States, access is subject to a range of charges according to the Service in question (see also Eligibility Criteria).

TRANSVAC’s Services include:

Access to adjuvants: External groups can send antigens which will be returned formulated with the required adjuvants

Animal models: External groups can test their experimental vaccines/antigens in mouse, pig, and non-human primate models

Standards: External groups can receive standardised reagents for application in several commonly-used assays

Global analysis: External groups can send samples that will be analysed using Affymetrix/Agilent microarrays or Illumina deep sequencing platforms.

Protein expression (MultiBac platform): External groups can be integrated to work in the MultiBac facility for eukaryotic multiprotein complex production. Users should apply through BioSTRUCT-X for a fully funded access.

Overview of Transnational Access provided between January 2011 (1st call) and April 2013 (10th call)

Details are available in the individual description of the TRANSVAC's Services and in the Overview of Transnational Access provided between January 2011 and  April 2013.

 Important Notice

TRANSVAC will not provide the Users with cash funding or any kind of financial support in the context of this call.  TRANSVAC exclusively offers Users free access to its partners’ installations and Services. There is no cost to the User for using their awarded Service.