Vaccine preclinical testing platform - animal studies (pigs)

Central Veterinary Institute of Wageningen UR (former partner: ID-Lelystad (IDL), Animal Sciences Group of Wageningen UR), Lelystad, The Netherlands

The Central Veterinary Institute (CVI) of Wageningen UR, based in Lelystad the Netherlands, is the national reference laboratory for the Dutch government and an international operating (contract) research organisation with extensive experience in animal studies in laboratory and large (farm) animals and belongs to Wageningen University and Research Centre (WUR). The animal facilities of WUR in Lelystad range from conventional up to and including BSL-3. All animal facilities fulfill the strict criteria on housing of experimental animals and are in compliance with the Dutch law on animal experimentation. The animal facilities comprise approx. 3,000 sq.m. of animal units of different sizes and containment levels. The animal units are constructed as multi-purpose facilities and can house various animal species, ranging from mice to pigs. All containment units are fully equipped to be able to conduct challenge trials with most animal pathogens.

There is extensive experience with pig research for both studies in the veterinary and human biomedical field. Combined with the fully equipped laboratories, this guarantees that well-conducted animal studies can be performed in a consistent and safe way. The facility is committed to ISO 9000:2001 and ISO17025 quality standards. CVI has a broad experience with bacterial (mycobacteria, streptococci, E. Coli) and viral vaccine studies (influenza, (bovine) respiratry syncytial virus porcine/bovine herpes virus) and with pig research. A wide range of techniques and expertise with respect to pig models is available. CVI has extensive expertise on pig research in the field of immunology, microbiology, functional genomics and (immuno) pathology, which are utilised in basic and applied research on vaccines, CVI is a contract research organisation that offers their expertise and facilities to internal (Wageningen UR) and external clients.

As a partner of TRANSVAC, CVI will provide access to their animal facilities (Lelystad) to carry out safety and immunogenicity studies of new candidate vaccines and/or of novel vaccination (administration) strategies in pigs, mice (healthy) and guinea pigs. The access will comprise purchase of animals, the housing and animal care and biotechnical expertise for administration and sampling. Scientific support will include advice on experimental design and methodology, documentation of results for all experiments conducted during the project, and appropriate sampling and conservation of samples. In depth laboratory analyses are not included. CVI will also provide the required legal approvals and ethical approval.

On-site access

While trained and experienced staff from CVI will carry out the standard procedures and the general maintenance, the external User can be provided access during sampling periods or other relevant procedures. CVI can whenever requested and when compliant to its regulations provide physical access to its facilities during crucial periods of the running experiments.

Modalities of access

Organisation short name: CVI

Unit of access: The unit of access is defined as one “animal experiment working hour”.  A likely example for an access application is for example a study in 10 conventional pigs for 12 weeks under DM2/BSL-2 housing conditions.  The required units of access for such an access of about 12 weeks at the infrastructure will depend on the type of study and will most likely vary between 300 units of access (i.e. an immunogenicity study) and 600 units of access (i.e. pathogenicity or efficacy study).

Quantity of access available: This service is only available via paid access. Funding capacity for free services is exhausted.

Timelines: 12 weeks

Overview of access provided between January 2011 (1st call) and July 2012 (7th call):
Min. quantity of access to be provided: 1295
Estimated number of users/User groups: 7
Estimated number of projects: 7
Access already provided: 1295
Access still available: 0

Last call submission date scheduled for: This service is only available via paid access. Funding capacity for free services is exhausted.

Input – sample requirements:

  • depending on the required assay
  • material data safety sheet and relevant biosafety information
  • test substances will be properly accounted for and remaining material will be returned to User or destroyed
  • sample material will be accounted for and fully provided to the User.

Output – deliverables to User:

The deliverable for these studies will be raw research data, compiled as MS Excel file.

Optional services (not included in the free access)

In case in depth laboratory or pathology analysis are required, a quotation will be provided.  Such activities and the method of reporting will be described in a study plan


Jan Langermans

langermans [at] bprc [dot] nl

31 15 284 2620


Norbert Stockhofe-Zurwieden

Norbert [dot] Stockhofe [at] wur [dot] nl