Vaccine formulation and adjuvants

Vaccine formulation laboratory - World Health Organization Collaborating Centre - University of Lausanne, Epalinges, Switzerland

The vaccine formulation laboratory at University of Lausanne has been created under the auspices of the World Health Organization (WHO) Global Adjuvant Development Initiative (GADI) which aims at facilitating access to adjuvant systems and associated know-how for the public sector.

The vaccine formulation laboratory functions as a service platform and is part of the Department of Biochemistry of University of Lausanne (Switzerland). The laboratory is staffed by research staff and experts in vaccine formulation with extensive industrial experience, to provide expertise in vaccine formulation and adjuvants.

The laboratory is providing access to a range of optimised adjuvants which are free of Intellectual Property (IP) and patent issues (or which are accessible through material transfer agreements), expertise and advice and training courses on vaccine formulation.

The vaccine formulations and adjuvants provided as described below are prepared according to state-of-the art technology and using know-how that is not readily available in most public-sector settings. The resulting optimised lead formulations are suitable for further development and industrial production, and are supported by documentation to facilitate the future development.

On-site access

Training courses on vaccine formulation and adjuvants will be organised in 2012 and 2013 (details will be provided in due time under Training Courses).

Modalities of access

Organisation short name: UNIL

Unit of access: The unit of access is a formulation. A formulation is either: (i) a container containing the combination of an antigen provided by the User with one adjuvant to make the antigen into a testable vaccine, and a documentation of quality control of the product or (ii) a container containing one adjuvant, with a detailed protocol for formulation by the User themselves and a documentation of quality control of the product. 

Quantity of access available: This service is only available via paid access. Funding capacity for free services is exhausted.

Timelines: 2 - 6 weeks depending on the antigen-adjuvant(s) system. Several formulations (up to five) can be provided simultaneously for one given antigen.

Overview of access provided between January 2011 (1st call) and July 2012 (7th call):
Min. quantity of access to be provided: 47
Estimated number of users/User groups: 5
Estimated number of projects: 10
Access already provided: 47                                  
Access still available: 0

Last call submission date scheduled for: This service is only available via paid access. Funding capacity for free services is exhausted.

Input – sample requirements

The Users will be required to provide antigen with documentation on its physico-chemical properties and the analytical methods to detect, quantify and characterise the antigen.

Output – deliverables to User

Optimised lead formulations / adjuvants and associated quality control documentation.

Optional Services NOT included in the free access

In vivo evaluation of vaccine formulations is not a service provided by the laboratory.


Dr Nicolas Collin

nicolas [dot] collin [at] unil [dot] ch

+41 216925843