Support offered

The application period is now closed.


TRANSVAC is offering Users access to several Services. The number of Users that can access the Services is constrained by the length of the project as well as limited resources. The TRANSVAC partners offering these Services (“Access Providers”) are described in detail under Services available including the maximum number of projects that TRANSVAC will support along with other relevant information.

What this Call will NOT Support

This call will not provide any form of cash funding. No funds will be transferred to any User unless pertaining to the refund of pre-approved expenses associated with using TRANSVAC’s Services.

Mechanism of Support

Support is granted to Users in the form of access to a specific Service within the institution of a TRANSVAC partner. This support includes logistical, technological and scientific support as well as any necessary specific training needed in order to be able to benefit from the Services on-site. The Service Providers will also provide the required legal approvals and ethical approval. The support further includes the provision of basic consumables as required to complete use of the Service. Special consumables may need to be provided by the User. Once selected, the User can benefit from the Service which they applied for. Note that a User can benefit only from the Service they applied to use i.e. Users are not granted access to all of TRANSVAC’s Services, only the one for which the User applied. This may entail sending samples/antigens/vaccines to the TRANSVAC partner for analysis or, if necessary, actually visiting the TRANSVAC partner to complete the work.

Travel and accommodation costs

Travel and accommodation costs for the Users to/from/at the installation may be covered (if a physical visit is strictly necessary – see Service website) if the Users are not in a position to do so themselves. In these cases, TRANSVAC will cover the costs of travelling and accommodation according to the rules of the corresponding installation (Service Provider). Costs are only reimbursed after the visit and upon submission of the requested reports. Any travel and accommodation costs must be pre-approved by the TRANSVAC partner in question. Any deviation from the budget is the responsibility of the User.

Access Period / Duration of Projects

In line with the EC’s Guidelines, each User has a maximum of up to three months to complete the work supported by TRANSVAC. In special cases the period of access may exceed this time frame.

Number of Lead Researchers (LRs)

More than one LR may be designated on the application i.e. we can support collaborative / multi-LR applications as long as the majority of the Users work in a country other than the country where the TRANSVAC partner whose Service they wish to access is located. One LR should be identified as the main point of contact for TRANSVAC.