Selection Criteria and selection process

The application period is now closed.


Above all, TRANSVAC is looking for innovative high-potential proposals of scientific excellence. Scientific excellence will be the main criterion for selecting the applications. 

Proposal Evaluation and Selection Process

Applications will be reviewed by the TRANSVAC Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) and the TRANSVAC User Selection Panel (USP). In its commitment to adhere to the principles of transparency, fairness and impartiality, TRANSVAC has set up these bodies: one independent external panel (SAC) and another composed of both independent experts and TRANSVAC project partners (USP), which are concerned with the selection of new applications, and which will review applications both in light of relevance and scientific excellence.

According to EC regulations (Annex III to the TRANSVAC Grant Agreement), the selection panels shall base their selection on scientific merit, taking into account that priority should be given to User groups composed of Users who:

  • Have not previously used the infrastructure, and
  • Are working in countries where no such research infrastructures exist.

Firstly, applications will be reviewed by the transvacinfo [at] euvaccine [dot] eu (TRANSVAC Management Team) to ensure that all meet the basic selection criteria (e.g. on-time submission, eligibility criteria, formal and administrative requirements). Should applicants have failed to meet the criteria defined in the call text, their proposal will be returned to them. It will not be evaluated further but may be resubmitted once corrected for consideration at a later date.

Secondly, the TRANSVAC SAC, which is composed of five independent external experts, will peer-review on the scientific and experimental quality of proposals. The TRANSVAC SAC will then produce a report of their findings and issue recommendations for consideration by the TRANSVAC USP.

Thirdly, the TRANSVAC USP, composed of five external experts as well as the four TRANSVAC Work Package Leaders of the Access Work Packages shall consider the TRANSVAC SAC’s report in making the necessary decisions concerning access. The TRANSVAC USP will complete the peer-review by considering the specific feasibility of the access proposal with regard to the infrastructure provision available. The TRANSVAC SAC report is an advisory aid for the TRANSVAC USP, and the responsibility for selection of applicant access lies solely with the TRANSVAC USP

Threshold of Excellence

For the call 1107-3 and future calls the TRANSVAC partners agreed to set a threshold of excellence for applications to the animal model services (Vaccine preclinical testing platform/Services Nr 1-5) i.e. only applications for the animal models scored excellent may be selected for the animal model services.