When applying to the TRANSVAC Services, the Users accept to enter into a commitment with TRANSVAC. They have understood the conditions and are prepared to comply with the following requirements:

User Reports

The Users selected commit to providing basic administrative information on their project and their institution to the TRANSVAC installation and the TRANSVAC Management Team, no later than 45 days after leaving the site or receiving the samples. Repayment of the travel expenses will then follow if relevant. Failure to provide a report will result in the User being billed for the entire cost of providing the Services to the User as indicated in Annex 1 of the TRANSVAC Grant Agreement. The purpose of the report is to highlight the scientific output of the Services received and shall be included in the TRANSVAC project’s periodic reports to the EC. The reports will be published on the TRANSVAC web site and will be made available to the EC. Details about the report format will be provided to the Users at a later stage.
All Applicants will furthermore inform the TRANSVAC Management Team and provide copies of all publications resulting from, or involving, the work carried out under TRANSVAC.

User Questionnaires

The Users commit to completing the EC User Questionnaire no later than 45 days after completing work at the TRANSVAC host installation or from the date of receiving samples.


Any subsequent publications or patents created through the support of TRANSVAC and the EC must be communicated to both the TRANSVAC installation and to the TRANSVAC Management Team.

Acknowledgement of EC Support

The support of the TRANSVAC project and the EC’s 7th Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development (FP7) has to be indicated in all publications resulting from the work carried out in the frame of the TRANSVAC Support activity.