Application Guidelines

The application period is now closed.


Format of the Application

Applicants must use the Application Form from the application page and submit it electronically. Any paper versions of applications will be rejected.

Confirmation of Receipt

Receipt of your application will be acknowledged within 48 hours of us receiving your application. Applications not acknowledged as received may have not been successfully transmitted and should be resubmitted via email to transvacinfo [at] euvaccine [dot] eu. Under no circumstances will the Management Team accept responsibility for lost emails or consider applications received after the deadline. Applicants are solely responsible for ensuring that their applications are received and acknowledged within the deadline.

Number of Simultaneous Applications Allowed

Applicants may submit more than one application at a time for a given Service, provided each application is scientifically distinct. You may apply for several Services with the same Application Form.


Resubmissions are not permitted in response to this Call for Applications. If new evidence/findings come to light regarding a specific project which indicates its elevated significance then it should be clearly indicated that the reapplication is a modified version of the previous application. This applies only to proposals already reviewed. Non-eligible proposals not reviewed may be resubmitted.

Renewals / Extensions

Renewal and Extension applications are not allowed for this Call for Applications.


All applications must be written in English.

Attachments / Maximum Length of Applications

The responses submitted to this Call for Applications may not exceed the maximum number of pages indicated in the Application Form. Tables, graphs, figures, diagrams, and charts as well as reference letters should be sent separately from the proposal as a single file to transvacinfo [at] euvaccine [dot] eu in PDF format. Filenames must be included with no spaces or special characters, and a PDF extension must be used.

Submitting on Time

Applications may be submitted on or after the opening date and must be successfully received by TRANSVAC no later than 5:00 p.m. CET/CEST on the application cut-off date. If an application is not received by the due date and time, it will not be reviewed until the next application cut-offdate. See also: Confirmation of Receipt (above).

Notification on Results

All applicants will be notified via email of the results of their application upon completion of the selection process and will be invited to enter into contact with TRANSVAC .
The successful applicants’ names will be published on the TRANSVAC website.
Unsuccessful applicants will be informed by email. No discussion will be entered into regarding the reasons for rejection and the TRANSVAC User Selection Panel’s decision is final.