Training course - Apply now


There is currently no application period open for the training course.

Eligibility criteria

To be eligible to attend the course, candidates must be working in a European Union or Associated Member State. Alternatively, candidates from other countries will be considered if they are working in a vaccine development project funded by the European Commission (EC) or EDCTP. Candidates should ideally possess formal education or training in the area of vaccine research and development and should preferably hold a BSc, MSc or comparable research experience. In addition, all applicants must provide a letter of reference from their supervisor.

How to apply?

Applicants must use the course application form.

In addition all applicants must provide a letter of recommendation from their Head of Department, principal investigator or supervisor, who should have experience in the area of vaccine research and development.

The responses submitted to this call for applications may not exceed the maximum number of pages indicated in the application form. Any sections of the application exceeding the maximum number of pages will be disregarded.

All applications must be written in English.

Applicants must use the application form available at the TRANSVAC website and submit it electronically to transvac [dot] training [at] euvaccine [dot] eu. Any paper versions of applications will be rejected.

Applications may be submitted on or after the opening of the application period, and must be successfully received by TRANSVAC no later than the submission deadline.

Confirmation of receipt of application

Receipt of your application will be acknowledged within two working days after receipt. Applications not acknowledged as received may have not been successfully transmitted and should be resubmitted. Under no circumstances will TRANSVAC accept responsibility for lost emails or consider applications received after the deadline. Applicants are fully responsible for ensuring that their applications are received and acknowledged prior to the deadline. If an application is not received by the deadline, it will not be acknowledged and therefore not reviewed.

Selection criteria

The evaluation and selection of candidates will be performed by the Course Selection Panel who will shortlist a maximum of 20 candidates on the basis of their application and reference. A short telephone interview may be held with the shortlisted candidates and members of the Course Selection Panel in order to select the final 15 participants.